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ZrO2 thin film surface roughness study


ZrO2 material has good mechanical properties, such as small thin film absorption,firm layer,anti-corrosion. Also has very strong laser damage resistance and wide spectral transparent range, is one of the most important high refrative index materials. In addition, as ZrO2 has good heat thermal stability, chemical stability and mechanical properties,can be widely applied in optics, electronics devices and other important areas. In practical application, ZrO2 thin film surface roughness is the main factor that influence the properties of thin film materials.

ZrO2 thin film surface roughness is decided by thin film deposition and micro result of growth process. In the early stages of thin film growth, the growth of thin film for basal surface have the function of the bridge, with the increase of film thickness, will lead to the smooth of growth interface.So that the influence of thin film surface roughness will be reduced constantly, thus make the film deposit according to their own growth regularity of sedimentary, so the change of thin film surface roughness will flat out, at this time, surface roughness will be related to film material and the process parameter of deposition film.


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