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Characteristics and application area for SiO2


SiO2 thin film has good hardness, optics, dielectric properties and wear resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanical properties etc., has a wide application prospect in optics, microelectronics these fields.

SiO2 thin film is an important film which applied in many fields ( AR coating, multi-layer coating, protective coating, filter etc.). In optical coating filters, SiO2 thin film is single layer AR coating, also a thin film with low refractive index, used to produce multi-layer filter. It is often used scraping resistance and protective layer for metal and other material. In semiconductor area, it is a kind of material for insulating layer.

Penetration area for SiO2 thin film covers 0.15μm to 8μm, have very small absorb losses. Have good adhesion with mostly different substrate, surface with good scraping resistance. Stable structure, not easy react with other materials. Acid resistance, anti-corrosion.


In 2004, ATS began Si Oxides production line, including SiO2. From small granules,columnar and cutting pieces, also new types SiO2 loop. It can be customized by your detailed specification.