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TiO2 Material-difference between white and black


TiO2 is a kind of high refractive index material, suitable for EB-gun, compact film, firm, resistant to chemical corrosion. Colors can be white and black. These different colors are caused by production environment. White one is sintered in atmosphere, black one is sintered in vacuum.

In trial, black one is more easier to evaporate than white one. But need oxygen filling, because TiO2 will lose oxygen when heat evaporation in vacuum, and form high absorption titanium oxide film. Therefore, it needs filling oxygen during coating process.


TiO2 is used for AR coating,beam splitter, coald light coating, filter, HR coating, glasses coating. TiO2 thin film has high dielectric constant, can be used for manufacturing thin film capacitor which used for HIC.


In 2005, ATS began to produce Ti3O5, we are the first factory in China that put Ti3O5 into mass production. Then we also began the production of other Ti Oxides, such as TiO2, Ti2O3, TiO2, TiO etc.


ATS TiO2 in types sintered granules and sintered tablet. Purity can be 99.99%. Quality guarantee, size can be customized to satisfy different using demand.