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ZnSe production technology - difference between PVD and CVD


ZnSe is a kind of yellow transparent polycrystalline material, widely used in production of far infrared 10.6μm/CO2 laser lenses, reflector and polarizer etc.Common ZnSe materials are in CVD and PVD. Then, what is the difference between these two production technology?


PVD ZnSe is a high purity polycrystalline which is deposition on lower temperature substance after gasify. During preparation of crystal, powder raw material (solid phase) through high temperature gasification by gas phase, then through in low-temperature substrate, finally get polycrystalline (solid phase).


CVD ZnSe is synthesis by chemical reaction for Zinc fume and H2Se gas. It is a polycrystalline structure, CVD ZnSe small particle can used be for controlling maximum capacity of growing ZnSe.

ATS is specialized manufacturer for PVD ZnSe. Main products are PVD ZnSe wafer blank, polishing pieces and coating pieces. Diameter range is 8-50mm and hot sell at home and abroad.