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Zinc Sulfide ZnS Material


ZnS, molecular weight 97.44, density 4.09g/cm3, melting point 1830℃, evaporation temperature is 1200℃ under vacuum 10-2Pa. ZnS can be evaporated by using Tungsten, Moly, Ta boat. Also can be heating evaporated by using quartz crucible, and good effect by using electron beam. 

ZnS is a kind of thin-film material which used in visible and infrared area, have good mechanical properties and good optical properties in theory. In visible region, it is often combined with fluoride which has low refractive index, in infrared region, it is often combined with semiconductor material which has high refractive index, to form various kinds of filter in visible and infrared area. Besides that, ZnS also can be used as components for infrared windows.


In 1986, ATS began to produce ZnS vacuum coating material, more than 32 years’ experience in the production of the product. From the original product ZnS powder, to the development of sintered tablet and high purity ZnS crystal, ATS keep on developing new specification.High output, various types and specification, wide application.

Storage for ZnS: Avoid exposure to sunlight and acid; keep dry.Reason: ZnS is stable in dry environment, color will be darker when exposure in sunlight, also will be oxidized into stimulating flavor substances in humidity environment.